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Running Free AV
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What We Do

Product Sales

We specialise in the manufacture and supply of mounting and rigging solutions for the audio visual industry. Products are available in a multitude of sizes, colours and finishes to suit all needs. Running Free AV aim to be your go-to supplier due to our products’ blend of functionality, superb design and outstanding value.

Custom Products

If you have a specific requirement or cannot find the product you need, please speak to us and we will endeavour to find a solution, be it a bespoke design, update or addition to a standard product. Running Free AV are end-user focused and like to engage with clients to find the perfect solution to their needs and requirements.

Spare Parts and Accessories

If you have a spare part requirement for one of our products including those purchased from third party sources, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are also happy to sell individual components and accessories to help with any projects you may be working on.

Maintenance and Repairs

Feel free to ask us about any maintenance or repair requirements you have. Where possible, we will assist in repairs, give advice on maintenance and resolve any user queries. This includes Running Free AV products purchased from third party sources – please contact us and we will help in the identification of our products.

Engineering and Design

All of our products are designed in-house to high standards by Running Free AV using the latest 3D CAD and software tools. We continually update and add to the product range keeping up with ever-changing demands. We believe our engineering expertise and experience gives us an edge over our competitors'.

Manufacturing and Assembly

Running Free AV are proud to manufacture many bespoke components and we assemble all products in house, giving us total control over quality and production schedules ensuring that your order is delivered on time. Investment in our own facilities and selection of trusted suppliers gives us the means to fulfil our customers' orders to the highest standard.

Who We Are

Running Free Audio Visual Engineering is a company who design, manufacture and sell products for the audio visual industry, mainly focusing on mounting and rigging solutions for fixed installation and large venue projectors. Running Free Audio Visual Engineering is the trading name of Running Free Design Limited who have been selling audio visual products since 2012.

The first product designed and manufactured was the Truss Mount (shown below) used to single point mount a Panasonic PT-DZ110X Projector in a LANG AG ET-RFD91 frame using an adapter. This was supplied to a customer back in 2012 with component manufacture and product assembly from order placement to collection in an especially quick timeframe.


After this, we manufactured and supplied further truss mounts with the addition of landscape and portrait adapters which we designed to fit both Panasonic PT-DZ110X and PT-DZ21K projectors in Lang AG frames.

The Truss Mount has undergone numerous design changes from that time including modifications to the bottom plate to include both M6 and M8 fixing to allow its fitment to a variety of third party frames and the addition of various clamping options to the range including a twin clamp version. We have manufactured and sold over a thousand truss mounts to date and they have matured to become the successful products shown below.

Projector Truss Mount Black T4Projector Truss Mount Black Double QT1

After the initial truss mounts were produced, we successfully designed and manufactured more products including the projector mounting frame. The first frame (shown below prior to painting) was produced in 2013 for a customer to fit a Panasonic PT-DZ770 series projector as they could not purchase a suitable product at the time.

Projector Frame Original

The Running Free design concept was to produce a modular frame which could be easily modified and adapted for use with other products in the future. This modular design concept also had the added value of allowing the removal of the front bar which facilitated the fitting of ultra-short throw lenses, an ingenious feature at the time. Like the truss mount, the projector frame has matured over time with Running Free constantly looking for ways to improve the product.

 Projector Frame Medium 1Projector Frame Medium 1

Darren Myring
Managing Director

I have been working in the engineering business since starting an apprenticeship with the Austin Rover Group (later MG Rover Group) in 1989. I have mainly been involved with product design (predominantly powertrain and chassis areas) but also have a wide range of experience from hands-on manufacturing including manual machining and welding to 3D CAD design on high-end systems and CNC machine programming.

I believe that you should always give a good service to customers and that solutions can be found to most issues presented. I pride myself in offering the best service to customers to give them the solution that helps them with problems they are encountering.