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Adjustable Projector Frame

AMF100280 - Medium Extra Frame
Epson Compatible


Projector Truss Mount Black Double QT1

Main Features

  • Fits a range of projectors
  • Ideal protection to minimise damage to expensive projectors
  • Allows easy hanging or stacking of multiple projectors
  • Simple adjustment of roll, pitch and yaw
  • Front bar removable for use with ultra-short throw lens
  • Compatible to stack with Lang frames
  • Can be flow in floor-projection orientation with optional Frame Adapters


The adjustable projector frame is a simple, robust solution for hanging and stacking projectors, which gives protection from accidental damage. The frame allows simple adjustment of roll, pitch and yaw of the projector, accomplished by three adjustment handles. The frames can be quickly stacked together by interconnecting mating pins and bushes which are easily locked, to firmly secure. The front bar can be removed to enable fitting of ultra-short throw lens which would be normally obstructed. An optional Frame Adapter can be purchased to enable the projector to be flown in floor-projection orientation.

Projector Truss Mount Black Double QT2Projector Truss Mount Black Double QT3Projector Truss Mount Black Double QT4Projector Frame 1Projector Frame 2Projector Frame 3


  • Part Number: AAMF100280
  • Description: Projector Mounting Frame - Adjustable
  • Weight: 15.5 kg
  • Material: Aluminium and Steel
  • Maximum Projector Weight: 70kg
  • Maximum Suspended Load: 100kg


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