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Projector Frame Adapter

AMF100200 - Small Adapter
185 kg WLL


Projector Truss Mount Black HC1

Main Features

  • Allows single point mounting of existing projector frames
  • Landscape, portrait and down projection orientations
  • A choice of Clamps are available for mounting to different size frame tubes
  • Compatible with Running Free AV and 3rd party Frames and Truss Mounts
  • Captive M8 nuts for easy fitting of Truss Mount
  • Working Load Limit of 185 kg
  • Available in Black – other colours available on request


The projector frame adapter is a simple, robust solution for hanging Running Free AV and other 3rd party projector frames from stage truss work using a truss mount. Captive M8 fixing nuts in a 100mm square spacing allow quick and easy attachment to the truss mount with the minimum amount of effort. Various clamping options are available allowing quick and easy mounting onto the projector frame and with a working load limits of 185 kg, it makes it ideal for hanging even very heavy large projector frames. Please contact us if you would like us to supply a Projector Frame Adapter in any other colour.

Projector Truss Mount Black HC2Projector Truss Mount Black HC3Projector Truss Mount Black HC4Projector Frame Adapter Portrait Mode 1


  • Part Number: AMF100200
  • Description: Single Point Frame Adapter - Small
  • Colour: Black
  • Material: Steel
  • Fixings: 4 off M8 nuts at 100mm spacing
  • Working Load Limit (WLL): 185kg


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